07 décembre 2007

The Celtics are back for real

Why are the Celtics scary for all the others NBA teams ?


Paul Pierce: the 9 years NBA player is probably one of the most underrated player in the league. He can shoot the ball and go to the hoop whenever he wants. He already looks like rejuvenated with Garnett, Allen and all the veteran role players around him. He’s a very tough matchup, strong and used to take the late shoot when the game is on the line. With all the spots on the new Celtics, people will found why Shaquille O’Neal once called him “The Truth”.

Ray Allen: aka “Sugar Ray” or one of the best shooter in the league history. No difference between 3’s or 2’s, Ray just shoot the ball as hell and despite his ankles surgeries, he still delivers. He’s so smooth when he shoots the ball or even on his way to the basket, ti’s like a dream in a way. At 32 he finally has a real shot at the title and he already showed this season that he is still a major threat out there.

Kevin Garnett: Mister Energy, “The Big Ticket”. We talk about defense, leadership, rebounds, points, assists, the all package. The new number 5 gives the interior power requested to be a real contender. His unselfishness and sense of sacrifice are priceless qualities, plus he can put big numbers in the defense as in the offensive end. He  has change the game since he's in the league and is the perfect player to add in any team.

This three future Hall of Famers are the new three heads Hydra in the East and they have very high and realistic hopes of gaining the Jim O’Bien trophee in a window of 3 years. People wondered about the chemistry between them, one answer: 15 victories and 2 defeats so far in the season. They are serious and it will get better and better bacause they are only 3 months old.

The three stars –called them The Amigos, The Big three or the PGA Tour- have a quality cast around them. Many experts weren’t sur about the cletics role players but the appear to do the job. Eddie House is hell of a shooter, everybody know that but he is very consistent and always brings points from the bench, James Posey is a real threat at three points and still a tremendous defender. Scott Pollard slowly regains his shape and his body is always useful in the paint.

The young caltics also deliver and Rajon Rondo, Tony allen, Glen Davis or Kendrick Perkins always bring something. Although it is not always things we can see on stats lines, they do all the small things a team needs to win. The importance of the role player is often underrated but it is perharps the most important thing in a long a difficult season followed by 7 matchs series in Playoffs.

The force of this team is that all the players know that you can win all the games in the regular season but what matter is Playoff time. So the keep working on the team game to be ready to win the Title battle. We can’t say that they will win it but one thing is sure, you have to seriously count on them to try to bring back the 17th title of the Green history.

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